Etiquettes- Basic Judgment of a Human!

Sipping coffee on a Monday morning in the hills of Shimla, the recorded weather was 16 degree Celsius, and a little sunshine to add more beauty to the entire scene. What more could a writer ask for, I took out my laptop and quickly starting jotting down all ideas my brain could get at that moment. Only when I started to pen them down, comes a lady to meet her friends, who happen to be my neighbors in that coffee shop. Little did I know that she would be the inspiration to write my next blog? Etiquettes! Basic social etiquettes, I think she had never heard or learnt them in the life she had lived so far and why I can say this is because, not only did the pitch of her voice disturb me in everything that I wanted to achieve that morning, but also made me aware to the current situation of her household. Believe me, we did have an eye contact a few times and I clearly tried to show, how unappreciative I was towards her but either I am a bad actress or my message was far above her understanding.

So, I thought why not talk a little about some basic social etiquettes that must be followed by us, as humans. We are social animals and the word “social” differentiates us from those living in the jungles. In the same manner we must behave in a certain way to be called social beings. The minimum that can be done for someone is, to be on time. Always try to reach before or at least on time, when you have to meet someone, to avoid any inconvenience to the other person, time is money, and we all should value it. Maintain a hygiene level and keep the areas around you clean, you must take this as your social responsibility. Avoid drinking and smoking in front of children. They will know everything with age, why ruin their childhood by urging them towards harmful things. Their brain is not capable enough to learn about them at this tender age. Please for gods sake keep your pitch to a minimum when at social gatherings or during movies etc. Always pay attention and be a good listener in a conversation, make the other person feel comfortable and accepted, avoid any phone calls if possible, they might be discussing the most important moments of their life or alarming towards a mental disturbance. Something very basic that we must revise is, don’t ever ask a woman her age and a man his salary. Might just sound like a moral class, but believe me many of us are still not clear with the right way of behaving in public. While in a restaurant, wait for everyone on the table to be served before starting your meal, do not speak while eating and please keep your mouth closed while chewing.

Jobs today are a big headache, trying to cope with targets, corporate politics and huge competition are some of the few stress giving factors. So why not list a few etiquettes that must be followed in the corporate world. You must never keep a casual attitude towards work, consider it worship in true sense and only then expect something in return. As a staff member, you must portray certain decorum. Don’t peep in to workstations or cubicles of your colleagues, never check their files or notepads, until n unless you are the boss, pun intended. Never judge or criticize any coworkers capabilities, everyone is trying to perform their best; they could be better than you in many ways. Popping a chewing gum at work is a very unprofessional behavior. Always carry a notepad and pen to a meeting. Be adequately dressed; follow the dress code if required. It is unethical to share office data or news with people outside work, so don’t make them a dinner table discussion. Always carry your visiting card, never hand it over with the left hand and you must ask for the other person’s details in exchange. You must always park in the space allocated to you, don’t be a moron and create a ruckus in the parking lot. Nobody has the time to waste on such petty issues. Keep your personal work confined to home. Never mix the two, be the best at where you are.

Last but not the least, in this tech savvy world how can we miss on phone or mobile etiquettes. Selfies, Snapchats, Whatsapp, Facebook and then there is a user with no behavioral sense. So, here we list the right way of handling everything about phones. You must always call and receive with a pleasant voice, don’t shout if the signal is low, move to a different area or call back when the reception is apt. Carefully dial numbers and always confirm if you are speaking to the desired person, we don’t want you to accidently propose your girlfriends father. Do not eat or chew while on a call, believe me it sounds gross on the other side. If you miss a call, make sure you call back or message to acknowledge the other person. Reduce the volume of your music system or television when talking to someone over the phone; it could interrupt a healthy conversation. Always keep your phone on silent when asked for it, there could be reasons, why you are asked to do the same. Do not make official calls before or after eight. Always greet well while receiving and putting down the phone. Don’t use your phone while driving; it could cost you a life.

We might be talking about big developments in life but sometimes a few petty ones need more attention for the overall upbringing of us as humans. We must teach our children to be appreciative when they meet someone, a few lines like, “Oh, this color looks lovely on you” or “you look beautiful today” might just light up someone’s day and on the other hand it will teach our children to look above the negatives and have a positive vision towards the world. In the longer run they would be happier human beings and would possess the art of bringing smiles and carrying one too. There is no harm in a smile, why not lend or light one. Please give it a thought.



Author: Nedo’dhour

An economics graduate, a certified Poet by Oxford and an app developer. Diverse in fields but always a writer at heart. Read and enjoy!

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