No face like yours, No being like you!

Sit down, relax and let’s go on a drive together to talk, talk about what lies in you. Amongst all subjects of life, we usually forget to discuss ‘us’. How we feel, what we want and most important, what is expected out of us. As a child, capacity to learn, as an adult, respect for our relationships and how we nurture them and as matures, we are rated on what we achieved after a lifetime of being alive. Most times we ignore our true selves and portray an image of what may sound cool during a coffee table discussion.

I would suggest, at some point in life we must all make a note about both our strengths and weaknesses. And a true list of the same would require some amount of guts, my friend. You can’t hide “you” from yourself. Know your being and that will help you face the world better. Once you pen down your weaknesses, you would realize no one is perfect and hence become a great acceptor towards what life brings for you and understand that everyone is struggling. On knowing your strengths you would learn that though we all are imperfect but there are a certain qualities in us, which no one carries and that makes us different. You would enjoy life better. A mother of identical twins can easily differentiate between them because no two people are the same and our creator followed this principle clearly while creating us.

Let’s read about a man, at age five his father died and he became responsible for feeding and taking care of his younger brother and sister, at sixteen he quit school and by seventeen he had already lost four jobs. At eighteen he got married. He had joined the army and washed out there. When he was twenty his wife left him and took their baby. He became a cook in a small café and convinced his wife to return home. At age sixty-five he retired, he felt like a failure and decided to commit suicide. He sat writing his will, but instead he wrote what he would have accomplished with his life and thought about how good he was as a cook. So, he borrowed $87 and fried some chicken, using his recipe. He went door to door to sell. At age eighty-eight, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Colonel Sander was a billionaire. The same man who had once given up on hims and decided to kill himself.

Hope you found some inspiration for youself. Stay Confident about who you are there isn’t anybody like you in this whole world. God created no being like you. Your flaws are a reason why he gave you certain strengths. Our creator must be a great chemist as he is stupendous at creating combinations. We all are here for a purpose and our goal should be to reach our destination within this lifetime.



Be Responsible and be brave

What a bright sunny day in the northern part of India today! As I look out of my window and take a glance at all the beautiful plants that blossom in our garden, it reminds me of a purpose. A purpose we all are born for, a purpose that we seem to have forgotten. We as humans hold a certain responsibility, towards our relationships, families and also our nation. While being busy taking care of our personal goals, we have left behind our undertaking as a child of our motherland. But we must all understand, growth is not one sided, we would grow only if we live in a growing nation. Our contribution is needed in all spheres and the first and foremost thing we can do is to abolish all hatred amongst different clans, classes etc. Togetherness is bliss and the results of it are eternal. Here are a few lines that might strike a chord somewhere so give you a few minutes and read through. Until next time be responsible and be brave.


Travelling around in Fascination,

My soul gets a destination

I have taken birth somewhere,

But, the place seems despair


Before I arrived, I promised

Promised, He won’t be missed

For I shall carry a part of him,

And, will fulfill his entire whim


He tied me to a rope,

And sent me with a hope

I will hold on to it,

And value his knit


Once I took to the land,

I held a woman’s hand

I was taught new lessons,

My confusions were lessen


But I grew to be ungrateful,

How I became so hateful

I wandered to know the reason,

Was closer, season after season


My creator came to visit,

Held me to say, if you limit

Ambition to self, its a sign

Of your purpose losing shine


For selfishness is disappointing,

My world is about combining

The threads of that rope,

Which holds massive scope


I build to bring the change,

For one of you might arrange

The broken pieces of earth,

So, I continue to give birth.