All about Man’s Best Friend!

Tears of joy rolled down my eyes when I peeped in through the Car window and had a glance at my gift. Since I know life I had just one wish, a wish to have a dog, but because I was always away for my education, time wasn’t right to get one. But, Hey! My brother had finally got me a pup. Wuhu! I screamed out of excitement when I held him. I have always been an animal lover but being a dog parent brings a lot of responsibility. I wanted to be the best at my job so I started learning more about them.
During my journey I realized that dogs are actually very smart, they can study humans through body language and by the movement of eye pupil. So, if you want to teach them something, stay stiff and give them a stern “No” on being wrong. Training them will be a test of your patience because you need to stop them every time without losing your calm. I was surprised to know that a mother dog also teaches her pups like any human mom would, if they bite her during the teething phase, she would bite them back and little harder to make them feel that it hurts and its not permissible. That is the reason it is advisable to bring a puppy home at the minimum age of 10-12 weeks..
Dogs are carnivorous; it would be unfair to them if they were kept on a vegetarian diet. No vegetable or fruit is advised for them as it might cause stones in the longer run. His life span depends on his upbringing so if you love him, do the right things. Consumption of Onion, Garlic, and Raisins even if, in less quantity can easily kill a small breed dog and some more of it for a big dog. Please call up your vet immediately and observe the dog for any abnormal behavior if he accidently consumes any of the above.
Training a dog is really easy, you don’t need to appoint an official trainer for the same, rather you can train him and that will make your bond stronger, it can be your fun activity together. Please remember, “A dog is the only creature that loves you more than himself” for him your happiness is most important. He will feel satisfied and accomplished to see a smile on your face and that would be great for his overall growth. Dogs carry a brain of a five-year-old child so he would never understand hatred. You can easily train him with homemade treats such as cottage cheese, soya, or even treats available in the market. They are driven by food so if anyone feeds them once, they would remember them for life.
They have a limit to remember words so teach them with the same word command. They recognize words with the pitch of your voice. For ex- a “sit” should always be sit and not “relax” “stop” “stay”. You can watch videos by Howcast, Zak George or any that you find interesting. You can also train them with the help of toys. Buy plush or a rope toy and see the kind your dog likes. Like every human, every dog is different and so are his or her preferences. Never give them an old shoe to bite on, because they wouldn’t realize the difference between an old or a new and might chew on your Louis Vuitton’s
I was amazed to know that dogs can be trained to check sugar levels in the body, they can detect cancer, and they can even foresee a natural calamity. At many places in the world they are being used as Service dogs, therapy dogs, Autism service dogs, Hearing alert dogs etc. They bring a lot of positive energy and can easily fight depression in humans. But like an engineer cannot be a doctor, please don’t think your dog can do all of this, he needs to be trained to excel and communicate with you about what he can sense naturally.
It’s astonishing to know that a dog can smell his owner from a range of 2kms. They can hear to a distance of 1320feet whereas humans can only hear up to about 50-100feet. This could be the reason; they have a problem with loud noises such as fire crackers, drums etc.
I am sure by now you must be surprise to know what your furry friend can do. Please remember every dog breed possesses different qualities so before bringing one home, study what breed suits your home the most. A German shepherd is better off as a watchdog and cannot be confined to a small area of living, for ex- flats etc. They need to exercise well and go for a good run to burn all the energy that they carry to avoid any mishap. If you have kids bring home a child friendly breed such as a pug, Labrador, golden retriever etc.
God gave us very few years to be with them but before our dogs travel to the rainbow bridge, we must do our best to give them a healthy life. Make the most of your time with them. As you step out of home, please remember there is someone waiting for you constantly till you are back again. Life today is not easy, be kind and gracious to those who love you and if you find someone who will love you unconditionally no matter what, life cant get any better than that. They complete the picture of a happy family. All the best with your pup and enjoy this joyful ride together.