Just before you give up, Think again!

BOOM! A harsh sound was heard and seconds later a five year old saw her mother fall flat on the floor. The woman was rushed to the hospital. In the meanwhile cops came and questioned everyone present in the room, when the incident happened. Her two children, five and three years old and her husband were the eyewitnesses. The wife had come to know about her husband’s extra marital affair, and the couple was having an argument over the same. Just then in the heat of the moment, she took out his licensed gun from the drawer and shot herself. Her last words, “If I am an obstacle in your love story, I shall be gone”. She was now breathing her last in the hospital and tears rolled down her eyes, when she looked at her children. She was guilty and thought to her self, he would never take care of them and she had destroyed three lives in 5seconds. She took a final glance at her children and thought to her self, how important was it, for her to stay back but her eyes were shut. Her kids could never sleep peacefully since then.

What could possibly force a mother to take such a drastic step, Anger, frustration, a sense of failure or a broken faith? No one knows where we come from and what’s next after death. We all have one chance to live it, and win it. Problems would never end. We face them in all spheres of life. Life is a battleground for all, if not this; we could be fighting something else. Anyone can get up and say, “If you were in my shoes, you would know.” But hey I am wearing my own pair. Lets try exchanging, believe me it wouldn’t be fun. We have become pros at handling our own struggles. No one can fight ours better than us. If there are haters, there are lovers too. Anger takes away our intelligence and hampers our ability to perceive, forgive and forget.

Please scrutinise your issues; there could be reasons for extreme anger. Only if we know the reasons we can solve our problems. Usually it’s a pile of instances, which result in massive reactions to small matters but usually termed as baseless by people because they wouldn’t search for reasons in the past. Failing after regular attempts to achieve something, Things not turning out your way, you could be taking out some one else’s anger on yourself. The last and most unexpected reason could be any physical disturbance in the body. We usually tend to get irritated when we are unwell, but anger without a disease could also signal towards some internal issues. Physical weaknesses or sufferings take away the mental strength too. There could be hormonal issues in women, which push them towards extreme anger or frustration.

Reasons could be any but in any such situation, most people come out as losers rather than gainers. An angry or frustrated body only attracts negative energy. Here is a list of a few ways in which we can overcome difficult situations. First and foremost, “Delay the moment”

If you have to take a decision or get into a conversation, postpone it till you are calmer. If things are not turning your way after repeated efforts, then there might be some divine force trying to push you towards something better, because how much ever we analyze the existence of this force, all religion do support the existence of a super power. Some other ways could be writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper, it seems very satisfactory for a few, because sometimes you just want things to get out of your system rather than taking action. You could just make a note in your phone and delete it later. Talk to a friend, you might not always wish to discuss your problems but it could completely change your mood. Listen to some music don’t let your self-aloof. There are many solutions once you decide that life is worth living, and my struggles are my achievements. We are not even talking about wining or losing. Going through harsh times clearly displays your capabilities.

I would end with another story, which might help you, delay your frustration the next time you want are in a difficult situation. A man was walking angrily from side to side outside the operation theatre. Just then he sees the doctor walk in, buttoning his suit up. He went ahead and abused the doctor in front of all his staff for being late. He held him by the collar and told him, he hadn’t seen someone so irresponsible. The doctor did not speak and just rushed in to perform his duty. After three hours of surgery, the doctor returned and told the man his son was all right and he is sorry for the delay and walked off. The man was still not ready to forgive him, just then a nurse came up to him and informed that rather than being abusive, you should be grateful and sympathetic towards the doctor as he just returned from his son’s funeral. Please give this blog a thought and watch yourself the next time you get into a random argument with anyone.