Let’s Build The Missing Connect!

As, I watch the sun rise and sip through my coffee, I get a thousand thoughts about where India is heading. Digitalisation is a boon to the society, with the help of Internet we are introduced to the world methods and techniques minute by minute. The question is we expect and demand change but are we mentally prepared for it, on a whole. Are we ready to accept what the new generations have to bring in? This is the age between development and acceptance, which leads to hollowness amongst the youth because they have little or no understanding towards the old traditions and are criticised for being irresponsible and insensitive on daily basis. They are unaware of their duties and how important it is for them to carry India forward in the way India is recognised.

Most families are frustrated today because they are disappointed with each other. Where parents expect a certain behaviour from their child, Children demand an understanding from them. There is a huge communication gap but if that bridge is built, our families will not only be living together but will also be thinking and reasoning together. India is known for its traditions, cultures, values and that is how we mark ourselves differently on the world map. The youth needs to be introduced to the same by their families and teachers, otherwise with all the westernisation pouring in, we will soon be called Americans living in Indians. Lets not kill, what’s attractive in us. The youth is under a lot of pressure to constantly adapt to change and stay cool, but parents are equally responsible for ignorance in children. Everyone is so busy leading their own life, that we prefer to hold grudges but do not have the guts to confront each other on our opinions. Parents think the child will not understand whereas the child doesn’t know what is to be understood?

Humans have become a puppet stringed to convenience. Most youngsters when they come back home after years of education abroad or may be in metro cities, they are clueless about their future because what they have learnt is not being practically practiced in their homes, offices or even their country. They have been living alone and are use to taking decisions on their own, whereas now they are asked to follow an elder, just because he is an elder. It would rather be better if elders become magnanimous enough to sit and reason it out to their children. Please understand, you have spent all the money, given them freedom and asked them to be independent, so that they are capable enough to lead a happy and successful life. But yes, when the freedom is misused it becomes hurtful, and in most cases the child isn’t even aware of the pain you are going through. When you send your child out to study or on a holiday with his friends, you are opening his horizon and it gets difficult to look back from there, which does not mean you made a mistake in parenthood, you did what time demanded.

The youth must also be responsible and gratifying enough towards the sacrifices made by their elders. Life is not a cakewalk, everyone goes through struggles, and they have been through many. You are young and your health and mind allows you to be patient and hold strength during a crisis. Our traditions are important to be followed because that is what we have carried from our ancestors. That is what justifies different surnames and families. If you cannot understand certain rituals, please know that there is a protocol for everything, like you must dress formally for office, keep your personal issues away from work, Call your teachers Sir and Madam, in the same manner there are certain rules of performing a ‘hawan’ or a ‘puja’. Yoga is performed in a quiet space because it connects your body to the soul. In the same manner Fasts are kept to follow a certain discipline throughout the day, which eventually brings a lot of strength and quitting any thing, even for a day makes you strong wilfully.

An underlying problem in the west is depression amongst humans. Man is a social animal and it is impossible for him to stay alone, but with so many differences in opinions, the youth today prefers to run away from their problems, which is not the best solution, that is not where we want India to be heading. Communication is the best solution to this problem because the love hasn’t died, understanding has, and that is due to ignorance towards each others lifestyles. The gap needs to be filled and we need to pick the best from both ends, a youth must learn from experience and an adult must learn newness from the youth. We must walk hand in hand and reach the stages of development with perfection. This will also inculcate peace in us and make our lives stress free and beautiful.