Covid 19 India- Flying on Day 1 after the Lockdown 1.0!

As quoted, “Operations of domestic scheduled commercial airlines shall cease with effective from the midnight of 11:59 PM on 24th March 2020” by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation sent to airlines said. CoronaVirus or the Covid19 had created enough panic and the government decided for a complete lockdown in the country, on March 24 2020.

While I wondered staring at Prime Minister Modi, was it real? Were we really being part of history which was to be written in the coming days. How would we function? No Offices, No schools, No Transportation, Only essentials- Social distancing was the new way to Save Life

The pandemic was REAL and the first thought that knocked every human living away from their loved ones was, when and how will we see them again? As, the lockdown moved from phase 1-2-3, many choose to walk several miles, to take permissions and drive for emergency situations or even perform virtual weddings. While those who could wait, decided to sit back patiently for the Aviation to resume services. So, they could fly back home.

On May 25th, exactly two months later, amidst a lot of chaos and confusion, I took the early morning flight from Pune to Delhi. Since, i decided to fly, i had attended a hundred calls with a hundred instructions on safety measures i must follow. There was no way, i would take a chance with anyone’s life due to my stupidity. So i was over prepared and which seemed to fit the current situation perfectly.


1) Equip Yourself

Face mask, Gloves, Sanitiser in a Spray bottle, Head cover( cap or scarf), Face shield for the extra cautious ones. Keep an extra of all the above, just in case you mess up.

2) Packing

One suitcase of 20kilos and one handbag of upto 7kilos is what is permitted and you must abide by it strictly. No strollers or duffel bags allowed as cabin baggage, as the overhead bins in the plane are not to be used. Only a size that can fit under the seat is permitted.

3) Check In

Web check-in is compulsory. Also, generate a baggage tag for your luggage while doing the web check in. Fold it as per the instructions and staple the tag. All you then need to do is, place it on the belt while checking in. The point is to avoid maximum human or object contact and save time.

4) Food and beverages

Carry your own bottle of water or a little snack in your handbag till you reach the security point where you have to discard all liquids. A few food counters are operational, also Relay stores but avoid till you can or only purchase sealed items. Consume them after sanitising the outside packaging properly.

5) Transportation

Arrange the cab transfers in advance. Keep backup ready incase your driver is stuck due to police scrutiny or E-pass issues. Sanitise the Car handle, inside and outside before sitting. A spray bottle of sanitiser seems to be the best option.

6) Mobile Phones

In todays time, the most important gadget is the mobile phone but sadly it carries the maximum number of bacteria/virus at all times. So to minimise the use of mobile phones, plug in your handsfree/ earphones before you enter the airport. The next level win of Candy Crush can wait a few hours, till you exit the airport safely.

Remember-Do not touch your face, just in case you might have made a mistake and carried the virus along. As you are in total war with the virus.


After all that planning, the journey shouldn’t be difficult for you. But just in case, you have made a mistake, the staff is happy to help at all times. Be responsible for yourself and others around you. Remember you are going back to your loved ones and their safety can not be risked due to your carelessness.

1) Time

Reach the airport at least two hours before the flight. The queues are moving five times slower than they did in the past normal times.

2) Airport entrance

Pune airport is stringently following the safety guidelines- Temperature screening, Baggage sanitisation, Contactless Boarding Pass and Identity check. The total time you spend at the gate could vary between 15minutes to 45minutes depending on the queue.

3) Check in Counter

By now we hope you have followed all baggage instructions to slide through the process smoothly. Else, you spend another 5-10minutes debating on rules.

4) Security Check

The procedure is more or less same, except the camera scans your boarding pass instead of the security personnel taking a look at it. Try and avoid the trays as there were no visuals of sanitisation happening there.

5) Boarding Gate

Sanitise the arm rest of the chair you sit on while waiting to board. In case you reach just in time and don’t get the time to sit, it works the best in covid situation, but hey don’t be too late or you miss the flight.

Boarding usually starts from back(31 to 21) and then moves to the front, so choose your seat cautiously while booking. Indigo staff checks your temperature and hands over the protective kit consisting of face shield, face mask and sanitiser strips, you can continue wearing your own. Keep your printed boarding pass handy for the final run. Bottled water is available for you to pick up right before entering the plane.

6) In flight

No Food is served. All staff on board are wearing PPE slip-ons, gloves, face mask and face shield. Don’t stroll in the flight, sit tight and avoid lavatories if possible.

7) De Boarding

Passengers are asked to leave row wise and it is a pleasure to see passengers cooperating with the flight crew. The race to exit first no longer exists.

8) Baggage Belt

This seemed like the usual drill, little quicker. The luggage dint seem like it was sanitised before being put on the conveyor belt which was little discouraging.

9) Finally, The Exit

Delhi Airport- No temperature check, No sanitisation. Fortunately or Unfortunately, you just walk out smooth.

Bangalore Airport- Passengers being asked to quarantine in hotels or government quarantine centres.

Please remember everyone at the airport is there to make things easy and peaceful. Cooperate with everyone as it is for your safety and the safety of others.

Happy Flying!

Written By- Ritika W Mehra( @nedodhour)

Travel Experience- Ms Aanchal Sood

Flight- Indigo

Country- India

Let’s Build The Missing Connect!

As, I watch the sun rise and sip through my coffee, I get a thousand thoughts about where India is heading. Digitalisation is a boon to the society, with the help of Internet we are introduced to the world methods and techniques minute by minute. The question is we expect and demand change but are we mentally prepared for it, on a whole. Are we ready to accept what the new generations have to bring in? This is the age between development and acceptance, which leads to hollowness amongst the youth because they have little or no understanding towards the old traditions and are criticised for being irresponsible and insensitive on daily basis. They are unaware of their duties and how important it is for them to carry India forward in the way India is recognised.

Most families are frustrated today because they are disappointed with each other. Where parents expect a certain behaviour from their child, Children demand an understanding from them. There is a huge communication gap but if that bridge is built, our families will not only be living together but will also be thinking and reasoning together. India is known for its traditions, cultures, values and that is how we mark ourselves differently on the world map. The youth needs to be introduced to the same by their families and teachers, otherwise with all the westernisation pouring in, we will soon be called Americans living in Indians. Lets not kill, what’s attractive in us. The youth is under a lot of pressure to constantly adapt to change and stay cool, but parents are equally responsible for ignorance in children. Everyone is so busy leading their own life, that we prefer to hold grudges but do not have the guts to confront each other on our opinions. Parents think the child will not understand whereas the child doesn’t know what is to be understood?

Humans have become a puppet stringed to convenience. Most youngsters when they come back home after years of education abroad or may be in metro cities, they are clueless about their future because what they have learnt is not being practically practiced in their homes, offices or even their country. They have been living alone and are use to taking decisions on their own, whereas now they are asked to follow an elder, just because he is an elder. It would rather be better if elders become magnanimous enough to sit and reason it out to their children. Please understand, you have spent all the money, given them freedom and asked them to be independent, so that they are capable enough to lead a happy and successful life. But yes, when the freedom is misused it becomes hurtful, and in most cases the child isn’t even aware of the pain you are going through. When you send your child out to study or on a holiday with his friends, you are opening his horizon and it gets difficult to look back from there, which does not mean you made a mistake in parenthood, you did what time demanded.

The youth must also be responsible and gratifying enough towards the sacrifices made by their elders. Life is not a cakewalk, everyone goes through struggles, and they have been through many. You are young and your health and mind allows you to be patient and hold strength during a crisis. Our traditions are important to be followed because that is what we have carried from our ancestors. That is what justifies different surnames and families. If you cannot understand certain rituals, please know that there is a protocol for everything, like you must dress formally for office, keep your personal issues away from work, Call your teachers Sir and Madam, in the same manner there are certain rules of performing a ‘hawan’ or a ‘puja’. Yoga is performed in a quiet space because it connects your body to the soul. In the same manner Fasts are kept to follow a certain discipline throughout the day, which eventually brings a lot of strength and quitting any thing, even for a day makes you strong wilfully.

An underlying problem in the west is depression amongst humans. Man is a social animal and it is impossible for him to stay alone, but with so many differences in opinions, the youth today prefers to run away from their problems, which is not the best solution, that is not where we want India to be heading. Communication is the best solution to this problem because the love hasn’t died, understanding has, and that is due to ignorance towards each others lifestyles. The gap needs to be filled and we need to pick the best from both ends, a youth must learn from experience and an adult must learn newness from the youth. We must walk hand in hand and reach the stages of development with perfection. This will also inculcate peace in us and make our lives stress free and beautiful.



Warrior or Worrier- The choice is yours!

6th June 2005– twenty-eight year old raped by her father in law in Muzaffernagar. After which her marriage was null because the sharia regards sexual relationship with both father & son as illegal.

26th March 2015– seventy-one year old catholic nun raped by eight men in Ranaghat, Nadia district of West Bengal.

16th December 2012– it was not a rape, but the most devilish act anyone could imagine. Six men molested a twenty-three old for hours and it did not end there, they injected a wheel jack handle into her genitals, damaging her abdomen and intestine.

29th May 2017– an infant girl dies after being thrown out of a moving truck because three men decided to rape her mother on the national highway eight and she was causing disruption in there horrendous act.

9th May 2017– a twenty-year-old woman was gang raped and killed in Rohtak, Haryana allegedly by her jilted lover-also a dalit and his friend. They smashed her face with a brick and run their car over her body to make it unidentifiable.

These are not only very few of the many molestation cases registered in our courts, but a shame on our country. Such incidents are not only life shattering moments but destroy faith in life, families, communities, and society on the whole. They leave an awful impact on the human mind but the dilemma of our brain is that we tend to forget them until the next one happens, which flashes the reality of our traditions and culture, all over again. The truth is, we are a part of a circle now, the diameter of which never seems to end. We can never get out of it; until the prospective victim decides to fight her own battle.

A lot of times, women gather, make videos or talk publicly about how men are being so unfair when they comment about how a woman is dressed and that her dress invites trouble for her. In a country like India, where rapes are not for physical pleasure but more like a mental illness, if women are asked to be more conscious about their security, there is no harm in it. Men might have been rude in saying so but being a woman, I can say that if we had to attend a wedding, we would pull out the best salwar-kameez or lehnga and in the same way, formals for office, then what is the harm in dressing appropriately for other places too. In India, roads are not just meant for travelling but they are like ramps where men are the spectators of how pretty you look, and also what they can get out of you- a visual treat or something more.

Many of you might think that its men who need to mend their ways and not women, but now comes the climax of the story. Lets talk about what I mean by dressing “Appropriately”. Its not, what you thought so far, we are not asking you to quit wearing all those beautiful dresses that you have in your closet. They are made for you, there is a huge industry that runs for you, and you give a lot of money to big fashion houses to grow further. So then what, babes please understand- you are your own savior. It is simply survival of the fittest here, that is the law of nature and its high time we, as women realise that. So the next time you throw a lipstick, a hairbrush and a wallet in your handbag don’t forget to carry a knife, a pepper spray and a stun gun too. Do you now understand how to dress appropriately…smile; we aren’t taking your freedom away! If you have plans on a Saturday night to party, to drink and get sloshed, be smart enough to plan a safe return prior to the night out. There is no harm in being cautious about your own security. Stay physically fit; train yourself with self-defense techniques. We are not weak at all, stand for each other and help one another fight the societal evils. Rapes happen to both men and women so we were not just meant to be, where we are today.

Since times unknown, we have prayed to Maa durga. It is time now, to collect ourself and gain strength from her. Rapes, domestic violence, no education rights, gender inequality, and in fact the right to birth is also snatched away from us. When Durga received her powers and declared battle against Mahishasura, he mocked her saying a woman cannot slay an eternal power like him. In the battle, he (his manhood) was struck down effortlessly by Durga (a woman). This is an example of smiting the patriarchy. People will criticise and try to take you down but no one, not even a demon can defeat you if you are confident enough. Just take control of your actions.


AH! In pain, my soul cries

I worship her but she dies,

Each day, every day

Her birth will only pay,


She is constantly looted,

Opinions lowly prosecuted;

Society will forever yearn,

She simply needs to learn,


The world merely lures,

Her carriage carries cures;

Her fortitude must fill in,

And fight against her villain.




Just before you give up, Think again!

BOOM! A harsh sound was heard and seconds later a five year old saw her mother fall flat on the floor. The woman was rushed to the hospital. In the meanwhile cops came and questioned everyone present in the room, when the incident happened. Her two children, five and three years old and her husband were the eyewitnesses. The wife had come to know about her husband’s extra marital affair, and the couple was having an argument over the same. Just then in the heat of the moment, she took out his licensed gun from the drawer and shot herself. Her last words, “If I am an obstacle in your love story, I shall be gone”. She was now breathing her last in the hospital and tears rolled down her eyes, when she looked at her children. She was guilty and thought to her self, he would never take care of them and she had destroyed three lives in 5seconds. She took a final glance at her children and thought to her self, how important was it, for her to stay back but her eyes were shut. Her kids could never sleep peacefully since then.

What could possibly force a mother to take such a drastic step, Anger, frustration, a sense of failure or a broken faith? No one knows where we come from and what’s next after death. We all have one chance to live it, and win it. Problems would never end. We face them in all spheres of life. Life is a battleground for all, if not this; we could be fighting something else. Anyone can get up and say, “If you were in my shoes, you would know.” But hey I am wearing my own pair. Lets try exchanging, believe me it wouldn’t be fun. We have become pros at handling our own struggles. No one can fight ours better than us. If there are haters, there are lovers too. Anger takes away our intelligence and hampers our ability to perceive, forgive and forget.

Please scrutinise your issues; there could be reasons for extreme anger. Only if we know the reasons we can solve our problems. Usually it’s a pile of instances, which result in massive reactions to small matters but usually termed as baseless by people because they wouldn’t search for reasons in the past. Failing after regular attempts to achieve something, Things not turning out your way, you could be taking out some one else’s anger on yourself. The last and most unexpected reason could be any physical disturbance in the body. We usually tend to get irritated when we are unwell, but anger without a disease could also signal towards some internal issues. Physical weaknesses or sufferings take away the mental strength too. There could be hormonal issues in women, which push them towards extreme anger or frustration.

Reasons could be any but in any such situation, most people come out as losers rather than gainers. An angry or frustrated body only attracts negative energy. Here is a list of a few ways in which we can overcome difficult situations. First and foremost, “Delay the moment”

If you have to take a decision or get into a conversation, postpone it till you are calmer. If things are not turning your way after repeated efforts, then there might be some divine force trying to push you towards something better, because how much ever we analyze the existence of this force, all religion do support the existence of a super power. Some other ways could be writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper, it seems very satisfactory for a few, because sometimes you just want things to get out of your system rather than taking action. You could just make a note in your phone and delete it later. Talk to a friend, you might not always wish to discuss your problems but it could completely change your mood. Listen to some music don’t let your self-aloof. There are many solutions once you decide that life is worth living, and my struggles are my achievements. We are not even talking about wining or losing. Going through harsh times clearly displays your capabilities.

I would end with another story, which might help you, delay your frustration the next time you want are in a difficult situation. A man was walking angrily from side to side outside the operation theatre. Just then he sees the doctor walk in, buttoning his suit up. He went ahead and abused the doctor in front of all his staff for being late. He held him by the collar and told him, he hadn’t seen someone so irresponsible. The doctor did not speak and just rushed in to perform his duty. After three hours of surgery, the doctor returned and told the man his son was all right and he is sorry for the delay and walked off. The man was still not ready to forgive him, just then a nurse came up to him and informed that rather than being abusive, you should be grateful and sympathetic towards the doctor as he just returned from his son’s funeral. Please give this blog a thought and watch yourself the next time you get into a random argument with anyone.



Etiquettes- Basic Judgment of a Human!

Sipping coffee on a Monday morning in the hills of Shimla, the recorded weather was 16 degree Celsius, and a little sunshine to add more beauty to the entire scene. What more could a writer ask for, I took out my laptop and quickly starting jotting down all ideas my brain could get at that moment. Only when I started to pen them down, comes a lady to meet her friends, who happen to be my neighbors in that coffee shop. Little did I know that she would be the inspiration to write my next blog? Etiquettes! Basic social etiquettes, I think she had never heard or learnt them in the life she had lived so far and why I can say this is because, not only did the pitch of her voice disturb me in everything that I wanted to achieve that morning, but also made me aware to the current situation of her household. Believe me, we did have an eye contact a few times and I clearly tried to show, how unappreciative I was towards her but either I am a bad actress or my message was far above her understanding.

So, I thought why not talk a little about some basic social etiquettes that must be followed by us, as humans. We are social animals and the word “social” differentiates us from those living in the jungles. In the same manner we must behave in a certain way to be called social beings. The minimum that can be done for someone is, to be on time. Always try to reach before or at least on time, when you have to meet someone, to avoid any inconvenience to the other person, time is money, and we all should value it. Maintain a hygiene level and keep the areas around you clean, you must take this as your social responsibility. Avoid drinking and smoking in front of children. They will know everything with age, why ruin their childhood by urging them towards harmful things. Their brain is not capable enough to learn about them at this tender age. Please for gods sake keep your pitch to a minimum when at social gatherings or during movies etc. Always pay attention and be a good listener in a conversation, make the other person feel comfortable and accepted, avoid any phone calls if possible, they might be discussing the most important moments of their life or alarming towards a mental disturbance. Something very basic that we must revise is, don’t ever ask a woman her age and a man his salary. Might just sound like a moral class, but believe me many of us are still not clear with the right way of behaving in public. While in a restaurant, wait for everyone on the table to be served before starting your meal, do not speak while eating and please keep your mouth closed while chewing.

Jobs today are a big headache, trying to cope with targets, corporate politics and huge competition are some of the few stress giving factors. So why not list a few etiquettes that must be followed in the corporate world. You must never keep a casual attitude towards work, consider it worship in true sense and only then expect something in return. As a staff member, you must portray certain decorum. Don’t peep in to workstations or cubicles of your colleagues, never check their files or notepads, until n unless you are the boss, pun intended. Never judge or criticize any coworkers capabilities, everyone is trying to perform their best; they could be better than you in many ways. Popping a chewing gum at work is a very unprofessional behavior. Always carry a notepad and pen to a meeting. Be adequately dressed; follow the dress code if required. It is unethical to share office data or news with people outside work, so don’t make them a dinner table discussion. Always carry your visiting card, never hand it over with the left hand and you must ask for the other person’s details in exchange. You must always park in the space allocated to you, don’t be a moron and create a ruckus in the parking lot. Nobody has the time to waste on such petty issues. Keep your personal work confined to home. Never mix the two, be the best at where you are.

Last but not the least, in this tech savvy world how can we miss on phone or mobile etiquettes. Selfies, Snapchats, Whatsapp, Facebook and then there is a user with no behavioral sense. So, here we list the right way of handling everything about phones. You must always call and receive with a pleasant voice, don’t shout if the signal is low, move to a different area or call back when the reception is apt. Carefully dial numbers and always confirm if you are speaking to the desired person, we don’t want you to accidently propose your girlfriends father. Do not eat or chew while on a call, believe me it sounds gross on the other side. If you miss a call, make sure you call back or message to acknowledge the other person. Reduce the volume of your music system or television when talking to someone over the phone; it could interrupt a healthy conversation. Always keep your phone on silent when asked for it, there could be reasons, why you are asked to do the same. Do not make official calls before or after eight. Always greet well while receiving and putting down the phone. Don’t use your phone while driving; it could cost you a life.

We might be talking about big developments in life but sometimes a few petty ones need more attention for the overall upbringing of us as humans. We must teach our children to be appreciative when they meet someone, a few lines like, “Oh, this color looks lovely on you” or “you look beautiful today” might just light up someone’s day and on the other hand it will teach our children to look above the negatives and have a positive vision towards the world. In the longer run they would be happier human beings and would possess the art of bringing smiles and carrying one too. There is no harm in a smile, why not lend or light one. Please give it a thought.



Babes-No Drinks! Babas- Go Kink! India- Are we Developing?

“To irrational principles, one cannot be loyal. Ideas that are not derived from reality cannot be consistently practiced in reality”.-Ayn Rand

I woke up this morning to an India, which has now become a land of irrational masters. Our problems seem to have no end, because the entire understanding towards situations is misled. Thoughts are bewildered and as a result the proceedings are dysfunctional. “The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision. It’s got to be a vision you articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet” as quoted by Reverend Theodore Hesburgh. All decisions in todays date that are being called, revolutionary are so unrealistic. The first opinion people had towards decisions like an unplanned demonetisation was “how can they be so negligent and inconsiderate?”
Demonetisation was announced on 8th November 2016. A sudden ban on 500 & 1000 rupee notes created chaos in the country. The two main objectives of note ban were, First to flush out a large amount of black money hoarded in cash, Second to convert our cash based economy in to a digital one which would lead to a cleaner society with a low crime rate as it would get difficult for terrorists, smugglers and other racketeers to operate through banking channels. The government and RBI were not well prepared and acted swiftly which reasoned to an increased pain for both individuals & businesses. If the purpose was to bring money back into the banking system, it could have been easily achieved by slow demonetisation. Even if the ban was implemented from December 31st rather than 8th itself, it wouldn’t have caused less amount of inconvenience to everyone in the country. Weddings were cancelled, businesses were on a halt, farmers were unable to buy seeds, the countrymen were calculating even daily needs, and all this could have been avoided by one rational decision, which was not taken.
And, now we face the next i.e. 500metre liquor ban. One ruling passed by the Supreme Court results in prohibiting the sale of liquor anywhere at a distance of 500 meters from the State & National highway, which results in pubs and restaurants going dry. An industry that generates highest revenue for the states every year is being disregarded. Here are the top earners
Tamil Nadu Rs 29,672 crore
Haryana Rs19,703 crore
Maharashtra Rs18,000 crore
Karnataka Rs15,332 crore.
By now you must be having an idea about the scale of revenue a state earns from alcohol. And, give a thought to all those people who are in any way attached to this industry; a sudden ban of the distance has shattered their businesses. There are people who looked for the best locations and invested crores of rupees into their restaurants and now going dry would mean just being at par with their costs. What’s the stretched limit of time for anyone to invest in having a meal, and if they weren’t served their favourite drinks, they might get food packed and buy alcohol from shops, stay at home and enjoy their time. What about the bar tenders, waiters? All other job opportunities that existed? Now your time after a tiring day at work, or a casual evening with friends will not be the same because may be your favorite bar is shut because it could not clear the sudden test of 500 metre distance from the highway. The reason for the ban, “Issued in public interest”.
Lets talk about this interest in detail. Every year almost 35% of deaths in India happen due to road accidents. According to a report by Ministry of road transport and highways the three major reasons for these accidents are over speeding, over loading and load protruding. Drink & drive cases carrying a very low percentage. Why dint we look for a solution for the top three first and then do something about the rest. This is the reason why our sufferings never seem to end because the solutions that are being derived are illogical and baseless. Why there are no strict rules for over speeding? Its rarely when we see officers keeping a track of speed on the highways, and believe me you can get away with them easily by an influential phone call or even a hundred rupee note. Hey! Don’t tell me in that case you would ban all luxury cars that can be seen speeding. The government has actually taken away our right of sophisticated drinking and left us with no choice but to buy alcohol and may be drink in our cars or carry it home and if you are caught on the way, that again could be breaking of some rule. So be ready!

Lets explain it like this
Poor Understanding of Situations–>Ignorance of the core cause–>Unrealistic Decision-making–>Non acceptance of people–>Never ending Problems

It would have been rather better if the 500 metre liquor ban was just confined to national highways but a decision like this cannot be generalized because most banquets, which cater to large number of guests, are located on national highways. I can just conclude by saying that banning a product anywhere is not a solution to the problems it could create. We all know a dry state is a myth. As a non-alcoholic citizen of this country I would hope and want that our system gets stronger. Our citizens are educated about the right and wrong. Law and order is fair and people have a fear that they would be suitably punished for breaking laws. Corruption should end, and rational decision-making should prevail. But if you still think only banning the sale of a product in a certain area can help, then please cut aside arms of a man who steals, burn the man who spills acid on a woman for ignoring his proposal, and chop private organs of a man who rapes a year old child.



All about Man’s Best Friend!

Tears of joy rolled down my eyes when I peeped in through the Car window and had a glance at my gift. Since I know life I had just one wish, a wish to have a dog, but because I was always away for my education, time wasn’t right to get one. But, Hey! My brother had finally got me a pup. Wuhu! I screamed out of excitement when I held him. I have always been an animal lover but being a dog parent brings a lot of responsibility. I wanted to be the best at my job so I started learning more about them.
During my journey I realized that dogs are actually very smart, they can study humans through body language and by the movement of eye pupil. So, if you want to teach them something, stay stiff and give them a stern “No” on being wrong. Training them will be a test of your patience because you need to stop them every time without losing your calm. I was surprised to know that a mother dog also teaches her pups like any human mom would, if they bite her during the teething phase, she would bite them back and little harder to make them feel that it hurts and its not permissible. That is the reason it is advisable to bring a puppy home at the minimum age of 10-12 weeks..
Dogs are carnivorous; it would be unfair to them if they were kept on a vegetarian diet. No vegetable or fruit is advised for them as it might cause stones in the longer run. His life span depends on his upbringing so if you love him, do the right things. Consumption of Onion, Garlic, and Raisins even if, in less quantity can easily kill a small breed dog and some more of it for a big dog. Please call up your vet immediately and observe the dog for any abnormal behavior if he accidently consumes any of the above.
Training a dog is really easy, you don’t need to appoint an official trainer for the same, rather you can train him and that will make your bond stronger, it can be your fun activity together. Please remember, “A dog is the only creature that loves you more than himself” for him your happiness is most important. He will feel satisfied and accomplished to see a smile on your face and that would be great for his overall growth. Dogs carry a brain of a five-year-old child so he would never understand hatred. You can easily train him with homemade treats such as cottage cheese, soya, or even treats available in the market. They are driven by food so if anyone feeds them once, they would remember them for life.
They have a limit to remember words so teach them with the same word command. They recognize words with the pitch of your voice. For ex- a “sit” should always be sit and not “relax” “stop” “stay”. You can watch videos by Howcast, Zak George or any that you find interesting. You can also train them with the help of toys. Buy plush or a rope toy and see the kind your dog likes. Like every human, every dog is different and so are his or her preferences. Never give them an old shoe to bite on, because they wouldn’t realize the difference between an old or a new and might chew on your Louis Vuitton’s
I was amazed to know that dogs can be trained to check sugar levels in the body, they can detect cancer, and they can even foresee a natural calamity. At many places in the world they are being used as Service dogs, therapy dogs, Autism service dogs, Hearing alert dogs etc. They bring a lot of positive energy and can easily fight depression in humans. But like an engineer cannot be a doctor, please don’t think your dog can do all of this, he needs to be trained to excel and communicate with you about what he can sense naturally.
It’s astonishing to know that a dog can smell his owner from a range of 2kms. They can hear to a distance of 1320feet whereas humans can only hear up to about 50-100feet. This could be the reason; they have a problem with loud noises such as fire crackers, drums etc.
I am sure by now you must be surprise to know what your furry friend can do. Please remember every dog breed possesses different qualities so before bringing one home, study what breed suits your home the most. A German shepherd is better off as a watchdog and cannot be confined to a small area of living, for ex- flats etc. They need to exercise well and go for a good run to burn all the energy that they carry to avoid any mishap. If you have kids bring home a child friendly breed such as a pug, Labrador, golden retriever etc.
God gave us very few years to be with them but before our dogs travel to the rainbow bridge, we must do our best to give them a healthy life. Make the most of your time with them. As you step out of home, please remember there is someone waiting for you constantly till you are back again. Life today is not easy, be kind and gracious to those who love you and if you find someone who will love you unconditionally no matter what, life cant get any better than that. They complete the picture of a happy family. All the best with your pup and enjoy this joyful ride together.



Know it! But, don’t do it All!

Drinks, Drugs, Sex, Smoke…. Does it seem like I am beginning with everything controversial today. Believe me, I am not a stereotype orthodox human with a cliché lecture. This blog is to give a direction, to most parents and children, that living in the twenty first century we must know about, every existent but we shouldn’t make every concept our own. I am not talking against anything, but just discussing what is good and when is the right time, what are our limits because LIMITS are hero like, my friend. I am really sorry to reveal this truth to you, but everything available in the market (legal or illegal) is not meant for you. Its almost like most people would give up a $5000 handbag and prefer to buy something more needful. Basically, you need to educate yourself and know what’s the best for you. Always have an eye of a businessman and search for benefits in all that you do. Why harm yourself for nothing?

Being sloshed every weekend is not the best you can do for your mental and physical health, but after a legal age of drinking, according to The School of Public Health at Harvard University, drinking a moderate amount of alcohol has certain health benefits. A moderate amount is defined as one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men. Moderate Alcohol raises levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and hence proves to be a great protection towards heart diseases. It also reduces the risk of gallstones and lowers the chances of diabetes. All these benefits are observed by moderate drinking, which means the amount consumed on any single day and not an average over several days. So, the next time you are out, set your limits to the best, for you.

When a baby is born, he cries and the first cry is to clear the lungs from amniotic fluids and other secretions. He wasn’t breathing during his stay in the womb. Oxygen was being supplied through the umbilical chord attached to the mother, so his cry helps him inhale, for the first time in life. Smoking hampers healthy breathing as it damages airways and small air sacs (alveoli) present in your lungs. The only element other than food and water that keeps you going is your power to breathe and you are hampering the passage of oxygen because of one bad habit. Smoking can cause all kinds of cancer in the body. It results in Cardiac and Respiratory diseases. What are you harming yourself for?

The next topic is beyond my capability to explain, but I still wish at least one-person changes his thought after reading this. I was recently driving to the next town, when my friend read out, news of a three year old being raped and killed with pieces of clothes stuffed in her mouth. Do you think this was for pleasure? For GODS sake, raping a three year old, is a case of pure mental sickness and such living beings need medical help, they cannot be left unbarred. It would be unfair if we called them animals, because animals might posses a smaller brain than ours but their emotions are more majestic than humans. Intimacy between two people should be, out of choice and not forced. No one has the right to kill anyone’s spirit because of his or her rotten mentality.

Drug abuse kills 2,00,000 people every year. What are drugs and why do they even exist, if they are so harmful and addictive? They are plants, yes, kinds of plants that are wrongly used. They too carry benefits in their pockets. According to the national institute of Drug Abuse in the U.S.- Cannabis (marijuana) can kill cancer cells and shrink, one of the most serious types of brain tumors. Two out of hundred types of cannabinoids are of medical interest. Out of which THC increases appetite and reduces nausea. It may also decrease pain, inflammation and muscle control problems. But the problem again is wrong thing at the wrong time. A single mother of an infant died, due to drug overdose and her child also gave up on life after starving and crying the entire night, who should we blame?

I have just tried to pen down what I feel as a human of today. The motive is not to stop you from all that you wish to do. I urge that you must educate yourself before getting into any new habit. Don’t be an alien towards what you consume. Read about the effects, it would have on your body in the longer run. Get in touch with your doctor and be regular with your health check ups. There’s nothing like belonging to a cool group. Life comes in phases, someone who is important today, might not exist tomorrow. Your successes and sufferings are beard, only by “YOU”.





No face like yours, No being like you!

Sit down, relax and let’s go on a drive together to talk, talk about what lies in you. Amongst all subjects of life, we usually forget to discuss ‘us’. How we feel, what we want and most important, what is expected out of us. As a child, capacity to learn, as an adult, respect for our relationships and how we nurture them and as matures, we are rated on what we achieved after a lifetime of being alive. Most times we ignore our true selves and portray an image of what may sound cool during a coffee table discussion.

I would suggest, at some point in life we must all make a note about both our strengths and weaknesses. And a true list of the same would require some amount of guts, my friend. You can’t hide “you” from yourself. Know your being and that will help you face the world better. Once you pen down your weaknesses, you would realize no one is perfect and hence become a great acceptor towards what life brings for you and understand that everyone is struggling. On knowing your strengths you would learn that though we all are imperfect but there are a certain qualities in us, which no one carries and that makes us different. You would enjoy life better. A mother of identical twins can easily differentiate between them because no two people are the same and our creator followed this principle clearly while creating us.

Let’s read about a man, at age five his father died and he became responsible for feeding and taking care of his younger brother and sister, at sixteen he quit school and by seventeen he had already lost four jobs. At eighteen he got married. He had joined the army and washed out there. When he was twenty his wife left him and took their baby. He became a cook in a small café and convinced his wife to return home. At age sixty-five he retired, he felt like a failure and decided to commit suicide. He sat writing his will, but instead he wrote what he would have accomplished with his life and thought about how good he was as a cook. So, he borrowed $87 and fried some chicken, using his recipe. He went door to door to sell. At age eighty-eight, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Colonel Sander was a billionaire. The same man who had once given up on hims and decided to kill himself.

Hope you found some inspiration for youself. Stay Confident about who you are there isn’t anybody like you in this whole world. God created no being like you. Your flaws are a reason why he gave you certain strengths. Our creator must be a great chemist as he is stupendous at creating combinations. We all are here for a purpose and our goal should be to reach our destination within this lifetime.



Be Responsible and be brave

What a bright sunny day in the northern part of India today! As I look out of my window and take a glance at all the beautiful plants that blossom in our garden, it reminds me of a purpose. A purpose we all are born for, a purpose that we seem to have forgotten. We as humans hold a certain responsibility, towards our relationships, families and also our nation. While being busy taking care of our personal goals, we have left behind our undertaking as a child of our motherland. But we must all understand, growth is not one sided, we would grow only if we live in a growing nation. Our contribution is needed in all spheres and the first and foremost thing we can do is to abolish all hatred amongst different clans, classes etc. Togetherness is bliss and the results of it are eternal. Here are a few lines that might strike a chord somewhere so give you a few minutes and read through. Until next time be responsible and be brave.


Travelling around in Fascination,

My soul gets a destination

I have taken birth somewhere,

But, the place seems despair


Before I arrived, I promised

Promised, He won’t be missed

For I shall carry a part of him,

And, will fulfill his entire whim


He tied me to a rope,

And sent me with a hope

I will hold on to it,

And value his knit


Once I took to the land,

I held a woman’s hand

I was taught new lessons,

My confusions were lessen


But I grew to be ungrateful,

How I became so hateful

I wandered to know the reason,

Was closer, season after season


My creator came to visit,

Held me to say, if you limit

Ambition to self, its a sign

Of your purpose losing shine


For selfishness is disappointing,

My world is about combining

The threads of that rope,

Which holds massive scope


I build to bring the change,

For one of you might arrange

The broken pieces of earth,

So, I continue to give birth.